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Please tell us about your experience with 1300TOWING

At 1300TOWING we appreciate that good customer experiences lead to people saying good things about our company. We don't always get to talk with you about your experience with us at the time that you required our services and/or paid your account, because of this, we have developed a customer satisfaction survey. Please take five minutes to use the form below to let us know how we did and what we can improve.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

1. Date of service:

2. Location of service:

2(a). 1300TOWING Branch (if known):

3. Name/s of 1300TOWING representative:

4. What service did you require?

4.1) If 'other' please specify:

5. Rate the appearance & tidiness of the 1300TOWING representative:


6. Rate the condition & tidiness of 1300TOWING vehicles & equipment:


7. Rate 1300TOWING's conduct & professionalism:


8. Rate 1300TOWING's explanation of accident procedures:


9. Rate 1300TOWING's pricing:*


10. Did you at any time feel pressured or harassed by any towing company?


10.1) Please comment if your answer to Q10 was 'yes'

11. Why did you choose 1300TOWING as your preferred provider?

12. Would you like to see a roster system introduced in your town?**


13. Would you use 1300TOWING again or recommend us to your friends?


13.1) Please describe your overall experience:

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Postal Address:

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Survey Notes - also known as THE SMALL PRINT

*Sometimes pricing is regulated by the government, such as when your car is insured and towed away from an accident. In this case every tow company would charge you the same price and your response to this question should be N/A.

**A roster system would work on the basis that in the event of an accident, if you did not have a preferred towing supplier, then only the rostered company would attend your accident. You would still be able to phone your preferred supplier but it would mean that not every tow company would appear onsite at the time of an accident, often alongside emergency services and the public who have stopped to assist.

***If you wish to remain anonymous, please leave the optional sections blank. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey and as such we would like to offer you a discount voucher for use with any product or service that we offer at Toowoomba 1300TOWING. You will need to complete your name and postal address if you would like to receive a voucher.